Why Exuma?

The real Bahamas. Imagine that.

Great Exuma and its Cays are the most exotic of the Bahamas Out Islands, like a collection of precious gems, the islands are set in a sea of Technicolor blues bordered by ivory beaches.

Gentle winds help maintain a balmy and warm tropical climate year round, making Exuma an ideal vacation spot for any season. Summer temperatures range between 80-90 degrees, and winters in Exuma are mild with temperatures rarely dropping below 78 degrees.

Great Exuma has always been the best kept secret of savvy tropical vacationers. Ideally located on Emerald Bay, Grand Isle Resort & Spa is your gateway to exploring this island paradise.



With over 360 islands and thousands of miles of beaches in the Exumas, you can have your pick of activities and locales to create your dream experience.

The Bahamas are made up of over 700 islands and are composed mostly of coral reefs (calcium carbonate) that became dry land when the sea level dropped throughout the last millennia. Most of the islands are relatively flat with miles of sugary white and pink sand beaches, widely regarded as some the best beaches in the world. This amazing phenomenon is the result of an endless series of waves crashing into the coral shoreline. Over the last million years, these powerful waves transformed nearby seashells and coral into the fine, powdery sand that you can sink your toes into every day.


Great Exuma enjoys warm weather year-round that is perfect for swimming or watching the sunset. Grand Isle Resort & Spa in particular is located on the Eastern side of the island and receives a constant stream of mild breezes. Some travelers may assume that the Bahamas and the Out Islands are uncomfortably hot in the summer, but given our unique tropical location, there are minimal temperature fluctuations from season to season. This makes Great Exuma an ideal Caribbean destination throughout the year.

Great Exuma, Bahamas and all Caribbean islands can be affected by the Atlantic Hurricane season which runs from June 1st to November 30th. Luckily, hurricanes never come as a surprise because of today’s advanced weather forecasting abilities.

The Caribbean basin consists of millions of square miles, so keep in mind that when there is a storm in the Caribbean, it does not automatically mean that the Bahamas or Great Exuma will be affected. Should a storm threaten Great Exuma or look to impact your vacation plans, the staff at Grand Isle Resort & Spa will contact you ahead of time. Please review our Hurricane Policy for additional information.

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