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If you are looking for a unique and impressive destination to visit while staying at Grand Isle Resort & Spa, Dean’s Blue Hole is sure to deliver. Located on Long Island just west of Clarence Town, Dean’s Blue Hole is approximately 50 nautical miles from Great Exuma, but it can take upwards of 62 nautical miles to reach it, depending on the route taken.

Never heard of a blue hole? By definition, it is an underwater sinkhole, or vertical cave. Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest known seawater blue hole, reaching depths of 663 feet (202 meters). As one of the most impressive Bahamian attractions, Dean’s Blue Hole is a must-see for any yachting lover, diver or seeker of wonders in the natural world.

With several seaport options on Great Exuma, including a marina next to Grand Isle Resort & Spa on Emerald Bay, you will have easy access to the water for a day-long Bahamian yachting excursion. While there are many Bahamian attractions and destinations that can be reached by yacht without spending the entire day traveling, Dean’s Blue Hole is, perhaps, the most phenomenal, and well worth the trip.

Every Bahamian island has some type of blue hole and most of them can be found on shallow carbonate platforms along the banks or in the sea. Great Exuma is said to have more blue holes than any other place on earth, and there are more than 50 seawater blue holes throughout the Bahamas. Dean’s Blue Hole is the most notable.


The time it will take you to reach Dean’s Blue Hole by boat depends on several factors. The distance you need to travel will vary based on the port from which you leave and if you decide to head straight to Clarence Town or make some stops along the way. As well, the amount of time will also depend on your yacht’s speed.


Not only is Dean’s Blue Hole the deepest seawater blue hole in the world, it is a gorgeous, cerulean blue and extends about 250 feet (76 meters) in depth. A diving Mecca, Dean’s Blue Hole is named after a family of local landowners and it is located in a small bay off the shoreline of Clarence Town.

Fun Facts: 

  • Its walls are vertical and overhanging, which causes the constant “sandfall”.
  • As the hole deepens it becomes larger and larger, until the width reaches 328 feet (100 meters).
  • It has one of the largest underwater cave rooms in the world.
  • The bottom of the cave is surprisingly even.
  • The walls are not even and there are many unexplored side passages.
  • The seawater is lucid and calm, allowing for visibility upwards of 100 feet (30 meters).
  • Large sea fish, young tarpons, and occasional other fish species, dolphins, sharks, and turtles reside in the blue hole waters.
  • Jim King was the first diver to reach the full depth of the hole in 1992.
  • It has become a world-class site for free-diving.
  • In 2007, the free-diving school, “Vertical Blue,” was established here. 

There are many different myths and folklore surrounding Dean’s Blue Hole (namely that, if you get too close, you will be sucked in!). Whether you are taking your own yacht out for a beautiful day of sailing or signing up for one of the local chartered trips, a visit to Dean’s Blue Hole will leave you awestruck and fully appreciative of one of the greatest natural treasures of the sea.

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