The Bahamas is home to some of the finest deep-sea diving in the world.

Beginner and advanced divers will be greeted with colorful coral reefs, spooky shipwrecks, teeming marine life and other incredible sights in the depths of the Caribbean. The Bahamas has long been known as one of the top diving destinations in the world – and for good reason.

Deep-sea diving opportunities will allow you to explore some of the most jaw-dropping reefs and vivid blue waters, while also catching glimpses of incredible sea creatures. You can only truly see Bahamian marine life by diving in head first – literally. Alongside some of the top experts in the world, those who travel to the Islands for a diving experience will not leave disappointed.

There are deep-sea diving opportunities available on many of the islands throughout the Bahamas, including the Exumas. Regardless of your length of stay at the Grand Isle Resort & Spa, there is always time for an once-in-a-lifetime plunge.

But it doesn’t stop there. Every island offers plenty of unique diving opportunities. Take the plunge and discover for yourself what lurks beneath the waves.

Located in the Out Islands, the Abacos are a top boating and sailing destination. The calm seas are one of the reasons why deep-sea diving is such a popular activity among these northern Bahamian islands. The Abacos boast two protected areas: the Fowl Cay National Preserve and the Pelican Cays National Land and Sea Park.

Divers can explore several Civil War shipwrecks, spectacular coral reefs and caves, and catch a glimpse of interesting marine life such as glass minnows and groupers.

As the largest of the 26 inhabited Bahamian islands, Andros also offers some huge diving spots. This sprawling island houses various blue holes and shipwrecks, as well as the opportunity for dramatic wall dives off the well-known Tongue of the Ocean, a 6,000-foot oceanic trench.

Located about a mile off the coast is the Andros Barrier Reef, the third largest in the world. Stretching 190 miles, this colossal formation is home to over 160 species of fish and coral.

The Exumas are comprised of some 360 cays, the largest of which is Great Exuma. The Exumas offer some of the most incredible underwater sites in the world.

Dog and Pup Reef, Stingray Reef, Elizabeth Reef and Turtle Reef are just several of the well-known coral reefs you can experience, most of which are located 45 feet below water. For thrill-seekers, the Exumas are home to a number of sharks that can be seen on expeditions, including Reef and Blacktip sharks. Like other islands, you will also find blue holes and shipwrecks in these waters.

Small, personalized diving trips, as well as lessons for both the novice and expert diver, are available at the Grand Isle Resort & Spa. The staff would be happy to arrange it for you.

Whether you want to travel to another island or step out of your villa and dive the deep waters of Exuma, you are sure to be blown away by these underwater worlds.

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