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The bonefish is one of the most sought after, challenging fishes to reel in, and the Bahamas is an ideal place to earn your prize.

Bonefishing is a popular, addicting sport, although hooking and landing one of these creatures is not easy. Exuma in particular is considered one of the best places in the world to go bonefishing.

Bonefish are most commonly found in clear tropical waters, such as those of the Bahamas. Ranging in size, bonefish can be anywhere from five to 12 pounds. They are silver or gray and built for speed – perhaps part of the reason they prove more difficult to catch.

Whether you are interested in planning a Bahamian vacation specifically for bonefishing, or you are interested in a bonefishing adventure during your stay on the island, you won’t be disappointed. Because of the enjoyable climate, there are far more opportunities for bonefishing in the Bahamas than in many other parts of the world.


The Bahamas is home to the largest area of bonefish flats in the world – yet another reason why it is such a popular sport. The bonefish is known for its blinding speed and unpredictable eating habits. The Bahamas, and the Exumas in particular, offer numerous guided bonefish adventures, as well as spots where you can try your hand at it on your own.

Privacy makes a bonefishing experience in the Bahamas quite special. There are spots where you likely won’t see another angler throughout the day. There are also numerous bonefishing lodges that cater to those who are coming to the islands specifically for the sport. 


The best bonefishing spots in the Exumas are Airport Flat, White Bay and Channel Cut. All located around Great Exuma, these locations are favorites among seasoned anglers. Great Exuma is also a great spot if you are going the DIY route, as there are plenty of areas to explore on your own. It is typically easiest to get to these spots with a kayak or small boat, but there are a handful of spots that you can reach by car or foot.

Keep in mind that Great Exuma divides its fishing areas into the windward flats and leeward flats. Depending on which you choose, you may need to bring additional gear or be prepared for varying conditions. The leeward side of Great Exuma is considered better for bonefishing; however, the other area of the island has also been known to produce some big fish.

If you are seeking some instruction, a helpful starting point for bonefishing is the “Exuma Bonefishing Guide” website.

Stevie, a local who has been fishing Exuma’s waters since 1983, is available for fishing tours, or can just provide some pointers before heading out.

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