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They say that life’s a beach, so just play. The Bahamas offers not just any old beaches to play on, but huge, open playgrounds of sand and sea. And when the sun sets on the watery horizon and the cool trade winds blow in, you and your family or friends might just get a burst of playful energy.

You don’t need much to get a game going in the Bahamas. And you might even meet some local kids who can join in. Here are some games for the beach that require nothing more than a soft ball and some imagination.


For both touch football and soccer, all you need is at least six people (though 10 or 12 works, five or six per side is perfect), a ball and a stick to draw a line in the sand and mark the goals. Make sure the ball is soft because beach games are all about being barefoot and feeling the sand between your toes. If the sand is loose and dry you will probably want to use shells or dried leaves to define the boundaries. Two sticks stuck in the sand vertically can also mark the goal (or you can use your backpack or picnic gear).

Touch football rules are pretty much the same rules of rugby or American football, but a little less aggressive. It can actually be fun to be pulled down on to the sand. If you want to stay upright choose soccer (European football), which has simple rules: don’t touch the ball with your hands unless you are the goalkeeper, don’t touch other players and don’t get caught offside (if you aren’t an expert, you can just ignore them).


It’s an oldie but a goodie: building your own sand castle. At Grand Isle Resort & Spa, you have a massive beach at Emerald Bay to craft your sandy creations. Just be sure to pack beach gear and some building tools before leaving for the Bahamas. 


At Grand Isle Resort & Spa, there is always a net up for playing beach volleyball. As long as the weather isn’t too windy, this sport is fun regardless of age and ability. The staff at Grand Isle will be more than willing to supply you with a couple beach balls, and they might even join in the fun if you require an extra player.

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