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Exuma is known for its beauty, seclusion and relaxation.

But every once in a while, the residents, second-home owners, entrepreneurs and investors of this gorgeous island also get down to business.

Earlier this month, the local Chamber of Commerce held its inaugural Exuma Advisory Council meeting at Grand Isle Resort & Spa. Bahamians and expatriates crowded into one of the resort’s stunning four-bedroom penthouses to discuss ideas for the island’s future.

The gathering made all the local newspapers, including The Nassau Guardian.

Grand Isle Resort & Spa decided to take a leadership position and host the inaugural Exuma Advisory Council meeting. The central aim of the Council, according to the Chamber of Commerce, is to keep all investors on the island in close communication for common benefit.

Participants heard detailed updates from all the major hoteliers on the island, as well as a promising briefing on Exuma’s newly built hospital, which is expected to come into full operation shortly.

Future meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.

This latest gathering was indeed a reminder: while Exuma offers vacationers a world-class getaway, it is also a fabulous, robust and intimate place to invest. Grand Isle, with superb amenities, location and craftsmanship, would make a fine addition to anyone’s portfolio. But Exuma is also home to the capital city of Georgetown and endless cays and islands, all of which possess untold business opportunities for the savvy investor on this emerging island.

One word of caution: some entrepreneurs from abroad have been known to get a serious case of the “Exuma Bug”. For many, this island is love at first sight.

You can have fun, and grow your portfolio, too!

Photo credit: www.ibabahamas.com

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