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Lounging by the infinity pool, or hitting our mile-long beach, is without a doubt in your future if you are staying any length of time at the Grand Isle Resort & Spa. Residents and guests should keep in mind, however, that even the good life takes a toll.

The sun’s UV rays can be damaging to hair and skin. Dryness, dark spots, crow’s feet around the eyes from squinting, clogged pores from sun lotion and redness from overexposure to the sun can leave lasting damage to your skin.

Fortunately, those staying at the Grand Isle can head straight to the SeaStar Spa for some remedial treatment, or even enjoy personal spa services in the comfort of their luxury villa.


A facial is a good start to your beauty treatment, as it deep cleanses the pores to remove pollutants and allergens. Cloying sun creams are recommended against harmful UVA and UVB rays. All our facials deep cleanse and detoxify the skin while refining and re-mineralizing to restore a healthy glow to your skin.

Deep cleansing will also help prevent any spots from erupting. More mature skin will certainly benefit from a Visible Brilliance Facial, which includes an anti-aging face and eye treatment to plump and firm problem areas. The final moisturizer will ensure that any dehydration and dryness is banished to prevent unnecessary facial lines and wrinkles.


Your body needs just as much care and attention as your face, even if it is not on show quite as often. After a day in the sun, a Full Body Coconut Rub is just the tonic your skin is crying out for. Coconut husks and ground coconut are used to exfoliate dry cells and reveal newer, smoother skin with a scent reminiscent of exotic beaches and coconut palms.

Those suffering with cellulite or fluid retention will find that a seaweed-based treatment will work wonders. Book a single spa treatment of our Cellulox Aroma Spa Ocean Detox Wrap, or a four-treatment package for maximum effect.

Cocooned in a foil wrap, the seaweed treatment gets to work detoxifying, stimulating and deep cleansing the skin. During the relaxing spa treatment, a pressure-point facial massage is performed along with a de-stressing scalp treatment to make you feel totally regenerated from head to toe.

After any body treatment, a Moisturizing Massage is highly recommended to rehydrate the skin, countering any sun damage and dryness caused by sand and sea. You will leave with softer skin and a healthy glow. You will be totally relaxed after these luxury spa tonics.


Hair and nails should not be neglected after time in the sun. Hair can be dry and unmanageable after swimming in the pool or sea, and the sun has a drying and damaging effect, especially on color-treated hair. Enjoy a moisturizing conditioning treatment or consider having your hair braided to keep it tidy and easy to manage.

Hands and nails will certainly benefit from a spa manicure, especially if it includes a moisturizing paraffin waxing treatment. A pedicure includes removal of hard skin caused by walking barefoot on the sand or pool area. A polish change will refresh chipped or scratched polish.

Lastly, the SeaStar Luxury Spa is the ideal place for a waxing treatment to make sure you look your best in that new two-piece swimsuit.

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