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The Bahamas are known worldwide for their diving, and there are no shortage of spots to go. When traveling to the Bahamas on a diving holiday, you undoubtedly want to check out some of the places that are best known, but also some that are hidden gems.

The Bahamas cover 100,000 square miles of the planet, only 5,382 square miles of which are dry land, which means there is plenty of water for diving! Since there is likely no way you will be able to experience all 99,000 plus square miles of ocean water that the Bahamas boast, it is helpful to know where the best diving in the islands lies.

Whether you would like to stick close to your Grand Isle Resort & Spa villa and participate in some diving on Great Exuma, or if you are looking to be a bit more adventurous and see what the rest of islands have to offer, we’ve got you covered. There are various types of Bahamas scuba diving experiences, from pulse-pounding shark action to bottomless blue holes and magnificent shipwrecks.

While we won’t be able to go over every single Bahamas scuba diving spot, we have compiled a list of what we think are musts when vacationing in the Bahamas.


The scope of the Abacos is huge, stretching 120 total miles. Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco and Green Turtle Cay are great options if you are interested in an easily arranged (but still invigorating) dive. For those interested in some island history, the wreck of the San Jacinto off Green Turtle Cay is breathtaking and won’t disappoint. Perhaps the best diving is off Great Abaco and the Fowl Cays Undersea Preserve. This is a protected area where sharks are plentiful, making it an awe-inspiring dive. 


The largest island in the Bahamas, Andros boasts tons of fresh water, mangroves, pine forests, fishing holes and opportunities for diving. Check out the magnificent walls on the Tongue of the Ocean or one of the many heart-pounding shark dives offered throughout the island. Andros is also famous for its wreck dives, one of the best of which is the Potomac, which is located in only 20 feet of water. Dive the coral amphitheater at the Shark Emporium and catch a glimpse of the local sharks and other awesome marine life.


Yet another great spot for shark dives, Grand Bahama offers visitors the chance to swim with the marine life in Freeport and at Shark Junction, the perfect dive if you are looking to get up-close-and-personal. Grand Bahama is also the spot to be if you want to dive with dolphins. Sanctuary Bay and White Sand Ridge are both great options for this. Grand Bahama is also home to numerous caverns and blue holes, the most famous of which can be found within the expansive Lucayan cavern system.


Comprised of 365 cays spread over 120 miles, the Exumas are the definition of a tropical paradise and offer some of the most incredible waters for diving. The Exuma Cays Lands and Sea National Park is a wonderful place to start, as it offers guided options and is perfect for beginners. Check out Amberjack Reef if you are a risk-taker and hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident sharks. Wax Cay Cut is great spot if you are interested in a high-velocity drift dive, and you will be stunned by the brilliant corals and sea fans, as well as the huge angelfish.

The options for scuba diving in the Bahamas are endless, and the most difficult part will be deciding where to go. With numerous diving outfits and hundreds of experienced divers on hand, you will not be disappointed with your diving holiday, no matter which route you choose to go.

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