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The Bahamas has its fair share of white sandy beaches that are both a welcome sight and ideal for many different uses. Whether you are seeking a relaxing day with a novel or you just want to talk and look for seashells, the beach is a perfect place to unwind.

Beyond lazy days soaking up the sunshine, the beach is also an excellent backdrop when you are looking for some adventure or activity. There are a wide variety of games you can play with friends, family, and other vacationers alike. While many of the games may be the same as the ones you play back home, the soft sand and nearby water offer opportunities for games that may not work in your backyard or cul-de-sac.

Many games for the beach require a few pieces of equipment you will either need to buy ahead of time or rent, but they are still simple games that offer an opportunity for everyone to get involved and have some fun in the sun. With a multitude of options, you will be able to choose the appropriate game based on the number of people you have or whether you are looking for a competitive game or something more casual.

There are many games to choose from, but here are five to keep in mind for your next beach visit.


A great way to utilize the ocean is by playing relays. This is a wonderful game for the kiddos and adults alike, and it’s perfect for those scorching days.

The game is played by having two opposing players sit on the beach next to one another while holding a large cup or bucket on their heads. Their teammates run to the ocean, fill a smaller cup with water and run back to dump it into the larger cup. The first team to fill the larger cup wins.


You can easily play beach bowling by digging three holes in the sand—small, medium and large. Use a tennis ball and have the players roll the ball toward the holes.

You award higher points for sinking the ball into the smallest hole.


Using a Frisbee or some kind of flying disk, you can either make beach golf simple or complicated. Place a number of objects—overturned buckets, plastic water bottles or umbrellas—on the course, and have members from each team try to the hit the objects with the disk in order.


This game allows you to either make your own set or invest in an actual bocce ball (or lawn bowling) set. A player from one team throws the target ball into the sand, and all the other players toss the ball, trying to get as close to the target ball as possible. Scoring can vary, so it may be helpful to look up the rules online.


Also known as beanbag toss, cornhole is a great game for all ages. Played in teams of two, the only objective is to throw the beanbags through the hole in a board. Award one point when a beanbag lands on the board and three points when it lands in the hole – the first team to 21 wins.

This list of games for the beach is far from exhaustive, but plan for just a few of them and before you know it the sun will be setting in the distance.

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