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Once you’ve booked your Bahamian vacation, the fun part is figuring out what to do! There are hundreds of activities perfect for every kind of traveler: navigating the waters in a glass bottom boat, deep-sea fishing and snorkeling, to name a few. Regardless of what type of vacation you are looking for, we can guarantee you won’t have any trouble finding something to keep you occupied and entertained.

The Bahamas is comprised of approximately 700 islands and more than 2000 small cays that can be found across the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Easily accessible from the United States (Florida is just 50 miles away) and Canada, it is no wonder why people flock to the Bahamas year-round. While the Bahamas used to serve as a private retreat for pirates, it is now a wildly popular tropical destination for the rich and famous, as well as anyone who loves fishing, boating, diving, sailing, snorkeling and simply relaxing in a beautiful, friendly spot.

Whether you want to swim with dolphins, explore the tranquil waters in a kayak, go on a guided deep-sea fishing adventure or check out the beautiful coral reefs that surround many islands, your options are endless.


One of the most popular activities for people of all ages is kayaking. There are many different companies throughout all the islands that offer kayak rentals or guided expeditions. Navigate the stunning mangroves or try your hand at sea kayaking.

Either way, you are in for a great time.


People travel from around the world to go fishing in the Bahamian waters. Bonefishing is one of the most respected and sought-after types of sport fishing, and the fertile flats of the Bahamas are the perfect place to try your hand at it. While there are plenty of opportunities to fish solo throughout the Bahamas, fishing in groups is typically recommended because it requires you to go into the water and follow a school of fish in order to make the catch.


Whether you are a seasoned diver or this will be your first time, the Bahamas is the ideal spot for both diving and snorkeling. Check out the fascinating blue holes, dive down to a shipwreck, share the waters with sharks and colorful schools of fish or take in the stunning coral reefs, all while kicking around at your own pace.


Another popular activity in the Bahamas is simply taking in all the wildlife that can be found on the islands. There are numerous sanctuaries and parks that work hard to protect the island’s species, such as the expansive Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Islands such as Andros and Mayaguana are excellent spots for bird viewing and for encounters with other native wildlife, such as stunning butterflies, parrots, beautiful spiders, lizards and more.

There are many wonderful Bahamas activities that can be found across the many beautiful islands. Whether you are looking for an once-in-a-lifetime adventure or just want to get a taste of the Bahamas, you won’t be disappointed. 

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