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When temperatures rise, the one place everyone wants to hang out and have fun is at the pool. There are plenty of ways to enjoy luxurious pools during your Bahamian vacation, so picture yourself with a long cool drink in your hand as you enjoy our article!


Luxury pools are ideal for exercising in the heat. The water keeps you cool so you don’t sweat. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise as the water supports your weight and minimizes the risk of sprains and muscle strains. The added resistance offered by the water creates additional toning of your muscles as you swim. Practice a variety of different swimming strokes for excellent all-round exercise.

Swimming and exercising in water also avoids putting undue strain on your joints, which can result in arthritis and painful joints later in life. It allows people of all ages to keep fit and healthy as no-one is too old to enjoy exercising in water at a level to suit their age, ability and mobility.

Some resort luxury pools offer “aquacize” classes, which are fun to join in. You don’t even have to be able to swim to participate. Aquacize usually involves repetitive arm, body and leg movements to music. As with all classes, you will push yourself harder in the company of your peers. No one wants to be first to give up!

Many resorts with luxury pools have sessions for organized team games such as water basketball. Anyone can join in and have fun in the water and it’s a great way for families to bond and solo travelers to make new friends.


Many spas have indoor luxury pools that continue the calm tranquil atmosphere. It’s a good idea to start with a soak before enjoying a facial, manicure, pedicure or massage as you don’t want to wash off the creams and oils that are all part of your therapeutic spa treatment.

Spa pools tend to be smaller and are intended for relaxing in the jets rather than swimming and exercising. Hydrotherapy is often used as a form of physiotherapy for those with limited joint movement. The waters are warmer than in swimming pools and may include a range of minerals to make the treatment even more beneficial.


Luxurious pools are far more than just a place to swim laps! They can enhance any home or resort with their lagoon-like shape, infinity edge or even a swim-up pool bar, making them an enticing place to cool off.

Luxury pools are usually surrounded by a furnished pool terrace – perfect for sunbathing or reading. Some may have landscaping, palm trees or a gazebo to provide shade from the midday sun. It is the perfect place for children to play, especially if there is a shallow kiddie’s pool. However, children of all ages need to be supervised near water, as drowning can occur even in the shallowest water. Waterproof sun lotion with a high SPF should be applied to any delicate skin not covered by a T-short or bathing costume.

Water toys, airbeds and dimpled balls all add to the fun of cooling off in a luxurious pool. It’s a great place for families to hang out, relax and play together. 

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