The Villas For Sale at Grand Isle Resort


What makes a resort great?

This is an important question you
might be asking yourself as you plan that next tropical getaway.

While people may differ on what amenities they think are necessary during a Caribbean vacation, there are certain things that distinguish a resort from a typical hotel.

Fortunately, Grand Isle Resort & Spa in Exuma ticks all the boxes, and then some.

Gordon “Butch” Stewart, the founder of Sandals’, once said: “Life is a beach.” Indeed, every property he acquired needed one spectacular feature – a long stretch of sparkling, white sand. Emerald Bay Beach, more than one mile long, is literally steps from Grand Isle’s luxurious villas, which brings us to the second most important element – the accommodations.

Premium resorts need to live it. Everything from the linens, to the bathroom products, to the comfort of the bed itself must possess quality. And certainly, Grand Isle, arguably the most luxurious community in the Bahamian Out Islands, has all of that in spades.

An infinity pool, health and fitness center, access to activities and water sports, great restaurants and a dedicated staff are all other big boxes to tick at Grand Isle.


Perhaps the broadest definition of a resort is somewhere you go for rest and relaxation where you won’t have to worry about fending for yourself when it comes to food, entertainment and more. Resorts in the Bahamas are places where you can go that will have everything you need in order to rest, relax and enjoy yourself without having to leave the comfort of your room or private villa.

Many resorts focus on certain amenities or have a theme, whereas others offer guests a wide selection of activities, dining options, spa treatments and more. When it comes to resorts in the Bahamas, here are a few amenities that are a must:

  • Activities such as kayaking, surfing, deep sea fishing, sailing, body boarding, snorkeling and diving
  • Infinity pool overlooking the ocean
  • Spa on-hand with a variety of treatment options, such as deep tissue massage, facials and mud baths
  • Dining options
  • Chef services for special occasions
  • Access to a private beach
  • Oceanside golf
  • Excursions suitable for the whole family or for a romantic getaway
  • Private villas
  • Accessible boat dock
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff available to answer all questions
  • Private patio for dining and relaxing

Many resorts in the Bahamas offer the above listed amenities, which distinguish them from simple hotels or inns. Before you plan your vacation to the Bahamas, be sure to check out the local resorts and go with the one that offers everything you are looking for.

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